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Company Profile

Platinum group is a multi-diversified conglomerate with unique ideas and noble vision with its entrepreneurial spirit and passion to undertake business projects that are transformational in nature. Platinum group has created world-class businesses in real estate, housing associations, foods, edible oil and chemical industries. It is a renowned group that is operating multiple sister concerns from different phase. Its sister concerns are Platinum Holdings Industries Ltd, Platinum Chemicals Industries Ltd., Platinum Edible Oil Industries, Platinum Tissue & Paper Industries Ltd. and Platinum Food & Beverage Ltd are Fast Moving Consumer Goods (FMCG) Companies in Bangladesh. Holding company headquarters in Gulshan-2 Dhaka.

Over the past few years, Platinum Group has diversified into emerging business areas in the fast expanding Bangladeshi economy. Platinum City there is advanced urban planning concepts at satellite cities in which all of the civic demand drivers are available in every plot. This will be a very popular residential area with a majority educated community. Platinum Group serves customers through its house hold products like mosquito coil, detergent powder, floor & toilet cleaner. The Group also serves customers through its fresh and processed foods, edible oil business. The group has growing interests in other areas such as issue paper industries and capacity building. The group has forayed into the Textile Industries.

At Platinum Group, there is one underlying philosophy – to create businesses that are transformational and have a deep impact on society. Platinum Group strongly believes in giving back to the society.


Platinum Holdings Limited : Platinum City

Cities and their hinterlands are changing, and have been for some time. The black-white dichotomy of suburban-core is becoming ever more unhelpful in describing the different types of places in or related to cities where people can live and work. Smart city is an urban development vision. Platinum City there is advanced urban planning concepts at satellite cities in which all of the civic demand drivers are available in every plot.

Platinum City - The City for Future

Where a future city born to make life in the citysafer, smarter and more sustainable. The city is used to enhance quality, performance and interactivity of urban services, to reduce costs and resource consumption and to improve contact between citizens and government.

  • No Air Pollution
  • SMART Road
  • Traffic congestion
  • Huge open space
  • Own water, power & waste management
  • Country Platinum Club, Holiday Villa
  • Duplex Zone
  • Amusement Park
  • English Medium School, College & amp; University
  • Renowned Chain Fast Food & Brand Shops
  • Renowned Hospital
  • 24/7 Digital security system

A city is nothing without its people and people make it a Brand like Platinum.
Our major clients are :

  • Banker – Mutual Trust Bank, IFIC Bank, The City Bank, IBBL, DBBL etc
  • Lawyer – All over the country
  • Teacher – DU, BUET, Jahangir nogor University, UIU etc.
  • Journalist – 71 TV, Prothom-alo, Ekushey TV, NTV, Bangladesh Protidin
  • Association Group – Rotarian, FBCCI ( Youth Entrepreneur of Bangladesh)

Platinum City (Proposed Executive Facility for all)

Platinum Amusement Park

Platinum Country Club

Holiday Villa


The city will be built as a satellite city with all civic amenities:

There is advanced urban planning concepts at satellite cities in which these demand drivers are available in every property. The people, who are tired from the densely developed and populated cities, naturally have a tendency for outward migration. These people automatically invest in areas which provide them the required relief from the hustle and bustle of the city. The satellite cities are placed near to the traditional residential and commercial areas along with independent transport infrastructure. These satellite cities also reduce the transit strain on the parent city.

  • The government has planned to build a green and smart city, having own power production and supply system and utility services, by 2019.
  • It would be a separate city, it would not dependent on Dhaka city for anything.

One of the features of satellite cities is that these are designed according to advanced planned urbanization guidelines. In these cities, the people are not dependent on healthcare facilities, offices and education of the crowded inner city instead all these amenities are provided independently in the new city.

  • The PPP is interested to build 62,000 public apartments and 300 storied building at Purbachal.
  • The government is set to build a permanent exhibition centre on 20 acres of land at Purbachal with China financing 79 percent of the cost.
  • The project will cost crore and China will bore by Tk 626 crore. The exhibition centre will be set up in the sector 4 of Purbachal on its Roopganj side, with construction scheduled to be complete by 2018.
  • Many of the Multinational companies have shown interest in investing in the project to be implemented under public private partnership PPP program, i.e. Singapore Cooperation Enterprise, China Major Bridge Company, Shahara Group.

Major Urbanization/Key areas of development are as follows


Water management

Water management cuts across many features of sustainable community development. There are numerous opportunities to improve water use and management using green roof technology in buildings, and designing parking lots and roadways in a manner that allows for the ground to absorb water rather than removing it.The reestablishment of wetlands in degraded rivers and streams is another approach to improving water quality and quantity management while also providing opportunities for habitat and amenity space.

Power Supply

It has recently become accepted by leading scientists that global climate change is probably the most serious global environmental problem facing the world . The primary cause is the burning of fossil fuels in our homes, cars and factories,releasing carbon dioxide into the atmosphere, which traps the sun’s heat.The consequences of continued climate change will impact cities, regions and ecosystems all over the world, mostly in a negative manner. The key elements of a satellite city are the scientific balance between the population and the resources to support them. This enables the developers to provide a sustainable and responsive environment to the residents. All this ensures vastly superior air quality, reduces environmental impact and provides better utilization of resourcessuch as water and electricity. The key elements of a satellite city are the scientific balance between the population and the resources to support them. This enables the developers to provide a sustainable and responsive environment to the residents. All this ensures vastly superior air quality, reduces environmental impact and provides better utilization of resources such as water and electricity.

Waste management system

The sustainable approach to sewage looks in two directions, towards (a) individual composting toilets coupled with miniature constructed wetlands, for grey water treatment, and (b) tertiary sewage treatment systems with source control programs, or large-scale constructed wetlands to control storm water run-off. These techniques often bring ancillary benefits.


Transportation means such as buses, trains etc all connect the various satellite townships to the main city so that travelling to the main city for work is not an issue. It is free to decide its economic, social and cultural activities.


The major factors of the satellite cities consist of fully centralized, highly integrated and multi-level security which is provided to the residents. These cities have no loopholes in the safety for the residents and the businesses operating within.

Demographic View of Platinum city :

Location :

Kanchan Bridge: west side is the Government Purbachal Project; East side majority PVT companies project. There are around 15 projects - among them some of the major projects are Prime Asset Group, Probashi Polli, Purbachal Asian town, Purbachal Regent town and Purbacha NRB Towns. Capital Authority (RAJUK) designed the modern administrative town of Purbachal New Town Sileta highway adjacent to the 180-foot-wide Dhaka City Platinum City position. Gulshan, Banani, Baridhara and only 14 kilometers away from the American Embassy in the way of just 14 minutes. Just 15 kilometers away from the Sayedabad-Jatrabari. Hazrat Shahjalal International Airport is a short time to reach platinum City project.

Site Location Map :


General Description of the Project :

  • Plot area is 3, 4, 5 and 10 katha plot.
  • 100, 60,40 and 30 feet wide inter project road.
  • The project location is 180 feet adjacent to the Dhaka-Sylhet highway.
  • 100% niskanthaka land.
  • To pay full benefits of instant registration.
  • According to the middle class and low-income people to afford opportunity to buy a plot.
  • Easy installment of the long-term benefits and conditions (instalment 48/60/84/106).
  • Are located in flood-free areas
  • ISO 9001:2008 Certified
  • Registered with the National Housing Authority (Registration No.0013)
  • Member of Real Estate and Housing Association of Bangladesh (Rehab) (a member of the No -078)
  • Approved skilled architect, urban environmentalists and government policy-the-art of residential project designed in a replanned modernized way.
  • “Platinum City” project is designed for the modern suburb
  • Purbachal New Town commenced after the official close of the
  • Recipients are able to enjoy all the benefits of a plot.
  • Proposed Asian Highway to be linked with the 300 ft road; in recent past ECNEC has approved 4 lanes Road on Dhaka-Sylhet Highway.

Activities :

On a broader aspect, The company is committed & will be responsible for the following major activities:

Our Project Road Map - 2016 To 2021 is as follows :
Name of Project Location Targeted Area Expected Time of Completion Approval
Platinum City (Out side of RAJUK Detail Area Plan - DAP) Araihazar, Narayangonj 1675 Bigha 2021 National Housing Authority Reg.N0-013 & Other approvals are on Process

Land management process includes :

  • Land acquiring
  • Continuation of Purchase
  • Security of Project Area
  • Obtaining License form Authority
  • Infrastructure Management – Project Office
  • Maintaining cordial relation with the local Political leaders.
  • Ensuring all agreements relating to State (Bhumi Office) are current and appropriately administered

Land development process includes:

The activity related to this process includes planning, marketing and selling lands for a variety of uses, including, but not limited to residential,industrial, institutional, recreational and commercial. i.e :

  • - Residential Area – Blockwise segregation
  • - Duplex Zone
  • - Business and Industrial Park
  • - An amusement park or theme park
  • - Institutional area like : Medical College, Private University, English Medium School, Hospital
  • - World renowned Chain Fast Food

Our Mission, Vision & VALUES


To provide the most compelling experience.



  • Always empowering and backing our people.
  • Being loved and admired by our customers and respected by our partners.
  • Transforming millions of lives and making a positive impact on society.
  • Being brave and unbounded in realizing our dreams.

Our values


We respect the opinions and decisions of others. We encourage and back people to do their best.


We always strive to change the status quo. We innovate with new ideas and energize with a strong passion and entrepreneurial spirit


We believe we must work with honesty, trust and the innate desire to do well.


We are driven by the desire to create a meaningful difference in society.


We are ever willing to learn and adapt to the environment, our partners and the customers’ evolving needs.

Platinum Group is planning to develop dreams into reality. Platinum Group Ltd. is here to take into concern of the customers taste and preference.

Platinum Holdings Ltd real estate is working to create a dream city which will be the most beautiful, developed and modern satellite city of existing time. People will never feel short of anything for their daily life. It is a mission to make people’s life more safe and comfortable. Platinum Group wants to create career opportunities for eligible people and from this point of view it is going to set up multiple industries and it is their second priority to ensure job facility for 10000 people with high employee benefits. Platinum Group, being distinctive is planning to export its industries product to world market and explore the name of Bangladesh worldwide. It is the vision of Platinum Group.

Platinum Chemical Industries Ltd

Platinum Chemicals produces world class products like Detergent, Mosquito coil, floor cleaner etc. Its aims to achieve business excellence by understanding, accepting, meeting and exceeding customer expectations and follow International Standards on Quality Management System to ensure consistent quality of products and services to achieve customer satisfaction. Platinum Chemicals will also meet all national and regulatory requirements relating to its current businesses and ensure that current Good Manufacturing Practice (cGMP) as recommended by World Health Organization and conform to all other guidelines and best practices relating to its other businesses. The company commits itself to quality as the prime consideration in all its business decisions. All employees of Platinum Chemicals Ltd follow documented procedures to ensure compliance with quality standards.

Platinum Food and Beverage Ltd

Platinum food and Beverages is committed to provide pure, safe, essential, healthy food products for ensuring a perfect healthy life of customer. It is dedicated to nature a produce competent world class product with strong sense of ethical values ready to face the competitive & nbsp; local markets. As a socially responsible company, it plans to produce FMCG that meet international health standards and adhere to eco-friendly packaging requirements. It aims to address the growing demand of food items in the country using environmentally sound solutions. This commitment to delivering superior products to customers using environmentally friendly practices sets BFBIL apart from other companies and will ensure its leading position in the FMCG arena. Quality and innovation is one of the Platinum’s greatest strength supported by a highly qualified team of professionals. Our quality process starts with the inspection of incoming raw materials and packing materials.

Platinum Edible oil Industries Ltd

Edible oil, such as soya bean, mustard oil olive oil used as cooking oil. Mustard oil also adds taste to the food we eat, unlike other cooking oils. It is thus mainly used in mashed items (bhorta), pickle etc. Apart from purity, obviously the key expectation from oil is purity and for mustard oil its pungency, which is unique and cannot be replaced by any other edible oil. The quality of the mustard soya bean and olive oil largely depends on the usage of the right variety and right quality of seeds.

Platinum Tissue and Paper Industries Ltd

To meet the growing demand of paper in the country, Platinum Group undertook the setup for producing paper of different cultural and industrial grades. The company produces high quality product having dazzling brightness, smoothness, strength-properties and packaging. By providing substantial volume of quality paper, BPML (Unit-1) has succeeded to reduce the gap between demand and supply of paper in the country. This has resulted to curtail the volume of import of paper and to save the hard earned foreign currency. A team of professionals has been engaged in running mill since it had stepped in. This management team is of high commercial and technological caliber and assumes a real international status with profound degree of specialization in the field of paper production.

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  • House # 25, Apt. # C-2, Road # 47
  • Gulshan Circle – 2, Dhaka – 1212
  • Phone: +8801755555456
  • Tnt: +880-2-9888530
  • Email: info@platinumgroup.com.bd
  • We care your wealths

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